ZEV Technologies Dragonfly Complete Glock 17 Gen3 9MM Black DLC

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  • ZEV Dragonfly Signature Cut
    • Our most popular Signature slide cut configuration, removes the most amount of material, while maintaining structural rigidity. This particular slide you will see being used in most competition applications, the windows allow for aggressive styling as well as enhanced cooling of the barrel.
  • ZEV Grip; Stippling
    • Removed undercut for fingers textured -trigger guard-stippling
    • Backstrap - stippling
    • 50% -Right side texture for thumb -stippling
    • 50% -Left side texture for thumb -stippling
    • Yes -stippling
  • ZEV Trijicon RMR Optic Cut with Absolute Co-Witness Cut
    • CNC Machined RMR Mounting position in front of the factory location of the rear sight. has positioning posts that hold the RMR at a center zero point on the slide. Slide comes with proper mounting screws for the RMR of any model. Co-witness sights are suggested for usage with this cut configuration such as the ZEV Co-witness sight set. Blue Loctite recommended for proper sight retention.
  • ZEV Technologies Match Grade Barrel
    • Burnt Bronze Match Grade Dimpled Barrel
    • ZEV Technologies™ Match Grade drop-in Glock® replacement barrels feature extremely tight tolerances and are manufactured with pre-hardened chromium stainless steel (416R) that was originally designed for use in Match Grade rifle barrels. This material provides high tensile strength and toughness to withstand typical chamber pressures while still being highly corrosion resistant.
  • ZEV RMR Adapter Plate, 45 Edge, Small
    • Zev Technologies Red Dot Sight Adapter Plates are machined from aluminum billet, and then hard-anodized black.
  • ZEV Technologies Adjustable Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kit
    • 1st-3rd Gen, Glock, 9mm, BLK/RED
    • ZEV Technologies™ Adjustable Fulcrum® Ultimate Trigger replacement kit for the Glock is the single most important upgrade a user can make to their GLOCK®.ZEV's Fulcrum® is the best on the market and currently holds several world records. The Adjustable Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger kit allows you to adjust the trigger and weight and greatly enhances the feel of trigger pull.
  • ZEV Extended Mag Release
    • 1st-3rd Gen, Small, Black
    • ZEV Technologies Extended Magazine Release for the Glock® features a textured oversized head, allowing shooters to access it without shifting grip. Both the Mag Button and the Mag release are aluminum rather than factory plastic. This Extended Magazine Release for the Glock® is not Designed for Generation 4 GLOCK®models.
  • ISMI Recoil Spring, 13 lb


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