Agency Arms Glock 19X Peacekeeper Battle Worn Coyote, AOS, Aggressive Stipple

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  • Glock OEM Hard Case & Agency Arms Softcase
  • 2 x Glock 19 Round, 1 x Glock 17 Round Magazines & Easy Loader
  • Stippled Backstraps & Stippled 19 Round Magazine Extensions


Slide Work

The Agency Optic System (AOS) cut is the most robust optic cut out in today's market. Some of the key features include, Variety of Optic Adapter Plates, Modular Rear Sight placement, wider variety of iron sights, and Robust attachment system.

The AOS is currently being released with the following Optic adapter plates: Trijicon RMR, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Vortex Viper, and the Shield Optics RMS. As new optics are introduced, adapter plates will be designed and added. Each model will have 2 configurations to allow the end user to choose the location of their rear sight (Rear Sight Forward of the Optic and Rear Sight Behind the Optic).

With the AOS cut, the optic will sit as low as a slide with a dedicated Optic Cut. This allows the end user to have a greater selection of Iron Sights, they will not require sights for a specific Modular optic system.

The adapter plate features a locking tab, center rib and 3 set screws. Not only is the adapter plate more robust, the adapter plates are precisely machined for each optic. All these factors provide a secure mounting system and a system that will retain zero during re-installation.


Internal Work

We start by swapping out the recoil system with an ISMI stainless steel guide rod and flat wire recoil spring.  We replace only one spring in the trigger system which is the plunger safety spring.  The other springs are stock and will grant consistent primer strikes and positive reset.  We use a factory OEM minus connector and tune the factory trigger bar.  With all this work the pull weight will be 4-4.25 pounds depending on the pistol.  We also manufacture our own trigger shoe which is flat with a curved toe.  This fixes the issue of trigger/trigger guard finger and glove bite.


Frame work

We remove the finger grooves, cut in gas pedals, and bevel out the inside area of the trigger guard on a mill.  We call the gas pedals the “Accelerator Cuts” and they offer enhanced traction on the pistol.  With the accelerator cuts, muzzle rise is dramatically decreased and follow up shots are faster.  We do a non-traditional double undercut and dock the front of the trigger guard for aesthetic purposes. We finish the frame off with full stippling and offer back strap melding as well for no additional charge.

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